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Mweigh is a leading supplier of Vacuum Packers and vacuum packer service kits. We provide first class sales and servicing support throughout the whole of the UK.

From a heavy-duty, floor standing unit to a compact bench-top machine, Mweigh can take care of your sales and servicing requirements throughout the UK. Give us a call today!

Mweigh has over 30 years experience in the sales and service of retail and industrial weighing, and food processing equipment. You will always receive first class service when you choose Mweigh.

Vacuum Packers

D10 Turbovac

£7,853.00 + VAT

Vacuum Packers

D30 Turbovac

£10,990.00 + VAT

Vacuum Packers

D60 Turbovac

£5,740.00£6,000.00 + VAT

Vacuum Packers

M40 Turbovac

£4,550.00£4,835.00 + VAT

Vacuum Packers

T20 Turbovac

£1,145.00 + VAT

Vacuum Packers

T40 Turbovac

£1,295.00£1,590.00 + VAT

Vacuum Packers

T60 Turbovac

£2,475.00 £1,995.00 + VAT
£4,225.00£4,595.00 + VAT
£3,390.00£3,620.00 + VAT
£99.00£199.00 + VAT
£89.00£119.00 + VAT
£49.00£79.00 + VAT