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Our leasing and finance packages are arranged through Universal Leasing & Finance. They can be contacted as follows:

Universal Leasing & Finance
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Tel: 01562 851158 Fax: 01562 851240 Mob: 07885 591913

Lease or Buy

The benefits of leasing

Why it makes sense for you to lease

Increasing numbers of businesses are choosing to lease technology because of the benefits it offers.

Saves working capital

If businesses buy equipment outright, the capital invested becomes tied up in a depreciating asset, precluding investment in other projects. Leasing, on the other hand, allows you to save resources for other purposes, such as new business opportunities, unexpected needs, business development or marketing.

Easier budgeting

Your payments are fixed for the full agreement period and are not affected by inflation or changes in interest rates. So you can accurately plan for your finance payments in advance, helping to simplify the budgeting process.

Maintains credit lines

With leasing, existing credit lines remain intact. As a result, you can acquire the solution you need and have the additional flexibility to still use your banking facility in the future.

No deposit

A deposit need not be a prerequisite of the lease.

Tax efficiency

Lease payments are fully tax allowable at the rate of tax paid, reducing the net cost of leasing the equipment.

Upgrade potential

Leasing allows you to keep up to date with advancing technology and to respond to changing needs. You can add too or upgrade your original installation to accommodate changes in your requirements.


Individual leasing agreements, including contract lengths, are tailored to meet your particular needs, ensuring that the payments match your existing and planned budget.

Who uses leasing?

Nearly everyone! Virtually all of the FTSE 100 companies use lease finance to acquire new assets. Over the last 20 years leasing has grown in importance owing to its favourable impact on taxation as well as the value added services that are available as part of the contract. For example – Service and maintenance contracts.

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